Emulates an Xbox 360 controller to give PC games the complete Dual Shock 4 experience


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  • Version 3.0.18
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  • Works under: Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by DS4Windows

DS4Windows lets you play your PC games using a Playstation DualShock Controller.

The DualShock controller was released in 1997 for the original Playstation and has been one of the most widely used and celebrated controllers since. It's design has stuck with Sony through four iterations of it's Playstation console remaining relatively unchanged bar some improvements to the functionality. In fact the Playstation 4 was the first console with which Sony actually gave the Dualshock a bit of an aesthetic makeover as well as adding some pretty nifty new functions.

One of the main drawbacks of the DualShock is that PCs tend not to have native support for the controller. This is where Microsofts Xbox 360 controller has really shone through. With Microsoft's obvious links to the PC world, it's controller has long been the mainstay of people wanting to use their console controller on their PC. Whilst not all systems would natively support it, such as Mac OSX, the majority of PC games available can be played on Windows which does have native support for the controller.

If you're a gamer though and own a PC and Playstation console but don't want to shell out for another controller specifically for the PC then DS4Windows has got you covered. The program lets you plug your USB PS4 controller into your Windows PC and set up the button configuration so you can play PC games with a DualShock controller.

So long as you already have the drivers installed for the XBox 360 controller then DS4Windows will automatically set up your machine to play using the DualShock controller. If you don't then it's advisable that you download these first as the process of manually setting up your DualShock controller can be a little tiresome.

One of the other major benefits to this program is you're able to full customise how the control scheme works. Unlike using the controller with your console where you are penned in with a specific control scheme you can use DS4Windows to completely customise how your DualShock controller operates.


  • Lets You Use Your DualShock controllers on PC
  • Saves the Expense of Buying Xbox 360 or Off Brand Controllers
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use


  • Somewhat Relies on Xbox 360 Controller Drivers
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